Fingerprints & Mugshots – Music Video Character Design


Your chin – Fingerprints & Mugshots from Plexus on Vimeo.

Music video character design

Co-created the chin character in Fingerprints and Mugshots video with Plexus Post.

Crazy music video character designing be super fun. Especially since Mr. Awesome Vijesh Rajan made an honorable mention of my work here:

Produced by Slightly Tilted and Plexus

Directed by:
Vijesh Rajan

Sakshi Khanna
Arathi Jayaram
Vijesh Rajan

Neil Bhoopalam
Paloma Monappa
and Vijesh Rajan’s chin

Written by:
Vijesh Rajan
Harshvir Oberai
Aniket Rao

Director of Photography:
Harshvir Oberai

Associate DOP:
Krish Makhija

Associate Director:
Aakash Bhatia

Chief Assistant Director:
Archana Phadke

Art Director:
Sandeep Kunchikorwe

Line Producer:
Rohan Barhate

Nikita Rijhsinghani
Lajja Shah

Make Up:
Tanvi Borkar

Hair Stylist:
Hamida Banu

Assistant Directors:
Samira Abbas Khan
Omar Iyer
Zoya Khan

Edited by:
Shreyas Beltangdy

VFX Supervisor:
Aditya Tawde

VFX and Motion Graphics:
Aditya Tawde
Vijesh Rajan

Character design:
Vijesh Rajan
Ashutosh Pathak
Divya Suvarna

Character Animation:
Ashutosh Pathak
Harsh Sharma

Title design:
Pranita Kocharekar

Divya Suvarna

Divya Suvarna

Divya Suvarna, a random maniac, loves drawing, painting, designing and appreciating art in all forms. She is an avid music listener, so much that her headphones are often mistaken for her ears.

When she is not spewing her brains out working on freelance projects, she is looking out for visually appealing photos, videos and everything she loves.
Divya Suvarna

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