Testimonials of Divya Suvarna

Its nice to know that your work is being appreciated every now and then. I’ve been lucky to work with great clients over the years, who don’t mind showering some praise 🙂


I wanted to do something different during my pregnancy; I wanted to express myself. Divya knew what had to be done, and having seen her superb work before, I went with it. And so I ended up being a medium for Divya’s work of art! My then unborn baby also showed her appreciation with kicks to my tummy at the appropriate times when Divya was working her magic on it. It was a shame I had to shower eventually, but I’m glad I have photographs for posterity.

In short, Divya is amazing. She adapted rapidly despite never having painted on a human being before, and got into the flow very fast, which I believe is the secret to her magic. She is able to put what she sees in her mind’s eye on the physical medium so flawlessly. 10/10 will get pregnant again so I can get Divya to paint on my pregnant belly.

Sangeeta Krishnan, Editor, Psychic, Wiccan.


Divya is one of those rare artists who, can translate business strategies into collaterals as easily as she can illustrate a creative project. What makes her stand out is her eye for detail, enthusiasm to learn and being a team player. Divya worked with us on a branding project where she was not just an external designer but was one of the team, diligent, patient and always ready to go extra mile during crisis and deadlines.

Pallavi Singh, Co-Founder Moda Ninja, Sustainable Development Consultant – niiti consulting


Divya translated my ideas from my second Lakme Fashion Week collection, called , ‘Secrets of the Sea’ beautifully into watercolour graphics.The prints turned out quirky, fun but very wearable at the same time! Divya’s personality really comes across in all of her work.
She’s super-chill and super talented and I’m proud to say our bond goes past just work. I know you’re going to go places girl! Best of luck xx

Arunima Majhi, Fashion Designer at Arunima Majhi Label


Love the work – love the detailing – love the patience and effort. It’s not just the design it’s the fact that you can can just explain to her about what you want and it comes even with copy sometimes and so far I’ve never had to request a change in anything. And considering our work is all design oriented – we do know that there isn’t more that you could really ask for.

Keith Menon, Founder at Spiro Spero & Ragasthan Events Pvt Ltd


Divya is a brilliant designer with an imaginative thought process and an eye for detail. I enjoyed working with her on the cover images for 2 albums – Divya was able to understand the requirement and hone in on exactly what we were looking for with the end result through using various design techniques, and she delivered the final creatives well within our timelines. Looking forward to more projects with Divya!

Anita Balasubramanian Kumar, Sony Entertainment India Pvt Ltd


We worked on a contest entry for Pepsi and quite honestly Divya’s work and her easy & chill attitude while working has left me scratching for superlatives, given that our first project together doesn’t fall short of anything but Brilliant! We met, we started working, and we made the video in a little over 36 hours! The best time and my most favourite work produced!

– Suman Dhrona, Jugaad Advertising Pvt. Ltd.

Divya Suvarna

Divya Suvarna

Divya Suvarna, a random maniac, loves drawing, painting, designing and appreciating art in all forms. She is an avid music listener, so much that her headphones are often mistaken for her ears.

When she is not spewing her brains out working on freelance projects, she is looking out for visually appealing photos, videos and everything she loves.
Divya Suvarna